Love it or hate it, Reboots are taking over Hollywood. Almost every movie and show we’ve been writing about lately seems to be a sequel, reboot, or “re-imagining”.  Is there no more original concepts left to develop? Or are audiences just nostalgic for the past?

The latest classic TV series to be getting a reboot is The A-Team. 20th Century Fox and Fast & Furious producer Chris Morgan are teaming up for this project. The new series would still focus on a team of special-forces operative, but would also include female members.

The A-Team originally aired from 1983-1987 and followed four Vietnam veterans who fight for the justice of others, after being falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit. There was also a 2010 film called The A-Team which re-imagined the original series, replacing the Vietnam vets with Iraq veterans.

Both the classic series and the 2010 film are available for viewing online. If you can’t access the show or the movie from your region, simply use the proxy provider below and watch The A-Team online from anywhere in the world.

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