According to Deadline, NBC is developing an adaptation series of the popular RED action-comedy films. The show is set to be executive produced by Jon Hoeber and Erich Hoeber, the writers behind the movies.

RED is based on a comic book by Warren Ellis and Cully hammer. The 2010 film follows Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), an aging ex-CIA Agent living a boring, quiet life of retirement until he finds himself in inexplicable danger. After his residence is attacked by masked assailants, he reassembles his former team and forms RED: Retires Extremely Dangerous in order to uncover his attackers and get revenge. The reassembled group must find a way to beat the new, young CIA agents despite their age and vigour. The movie starred John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman alongside Willis. There was also a sequel to the film in 2013.

We will keep you updated on more details about the NBC series as they become available.

If you missed out on the 2010 RED film now is a perfect time to watch it. You will find it on iTunes and Netflix in limited regions and on Vudu in the USA. If this movie is not available in your region, simply use the proxy provider below and watch RED online from anywhere in the world.

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