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Vudu is one of most popular streaming services, offering a variety of movies and TV shows without monthly subscription fee. Vudu allows you to rent or purchase videos and keep them in your online digital library. Vudu can be used for streaming on many devices such as Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, gaming consoles and more.

If you like to collect your media library and manage it online you should consider Vudu as a primary streaming service. Vudu is also a great option for those who only watch films and shows occasionally and do not see getting a monthly subscription to a steaming service as beneficial.

Currently Vudu is only available the US.

But we have a solution for you if you want to watch Vudu from anywhere in the world, or if you would like to access your existing media collection on Vudu from abroad.

Read here to learn how to use Vudu outside of the US.

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