Better Call Saul is the highly anticipated Breaking Bad spinoff that promises to be hilarious and guest star a lot of the original show’s cast – and we love every promo we’ve seen for it so far! We’ve already showed you two, you can scroll down to watch the latest now!

AMC will have a two night premiere on Sunday, February 8th and Monday, February 9th, after this the show will air every Sunday at 10 PM.  The show is set 6 years before Saul is introduced to Walter White in Breaking Bad and follows the events of the clever lawyer starting his own business.

If you haven’t caught up with Breaking Bad, or (gasp) haven’t even watched it, you better start before Better Call Saul comes out. You can watch the award winning series on iTunes and Netflix in limited regions and on Vudu in the USA.

Click here if the show if unavailable in your region, to learn how to use proxy providers to watch Breaking Bad from anywhere in the world.

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