The-Video-Is-Not-Available-greenThere are services you can use to access blocked content. Whether you want Netflix, Hulu, Vudu on demand or instant access to the Pandora Radio, the following are the best ways to get the content you want. It’s up to you to choose which of the two methods to use, both worked well for us.

1. DNS Proxy Method
2. VPN Method

DNS Proxy Method

DNS proxy only routes a small percentage of data sent to a website through proxy servers in order to unblock services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and many more.

Since DNS Proxy is just a network setting, no software installation is required. You can use DNS proxy on your computer, router, mobile phone, tablet, and virtually any other device you have like an Xbox, PlayStation, AppleTV, Roku, SmartTV, and any other device you use to watch your favorite content.

We recommend Unblock-Us.

It’s very easy to configure Unblock-Us, check out the Easy Step-By-Step Instructions.

VPN Method

VPN stand for Virtual Private Network.  VPN reroutes your traffic through servers in other counties.

VPN services offer anonymity and security – even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) cannot see data coming through your VPN connection. If you want to avoid streaming restrictions at school or at a workplace and be sure nobody is watching your traffic, VPN is a perfect solution for you.

If you need security and privacy, if you don’t want your internet activities tracked by government agencies, and if you want to prevent hackers stealing your personal data then a good choice for you would be a VPN service.

We recommend Hide My Ass VPN.

You can find a full list of the most popular VPN and DNS Proxy providers here.

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