In short – this is grey area.

The thing is, there are different laws in different countries, and as a general rule you are not allowed to download restricted content. However, streaming content is a different story.
When you’re streaming, you’re not storing anything on your computer or device, so you are technically not breaking any laws.

Furthermore, more often than not you are actually paying for your subscriptions on websites such as Netflix and Hulu Plus – by using VPN and DNS proxy services you’re simply gaining access to their whole movie database, which you’re already paying for but are restricted from accessing because of where you live!

As long as you are simply streaming movies and shows for your personal enjoyment and not downloading or selling or reproducing them, you have nothing to worry about.

Thousands of people are enjoying an unprecedented amount of online movies, television channels, popular shows, and radio channels by accessing them using VPN and DNS Proxy services and websites such as Unblock-Us.

VPN is a secure way to transfer data which is currently being used by a majority of IT companies, and can now easily be used by you too.

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