The upcoming supernatural thriller from 2929 Productions and Emily Ziff and Sara Murphy of Cooper’s Town Productions, Black Lung, has just picked up two huge stars to play the leads in the film Amanda Seyfried (who will be starring in Ted 2)and The Divergent Series’ Theo James. The movie will be scripted and directed by Chase Palmer, and executively produced by Cary Fukunaga (the man behind HBO’s True Detective series).

Black Lung is based in a coal mining community in Utah. Del (played by Seyfried) is the wife of a local coal miner (Theo James). One day, she has a premonition of an explosion in the mine traps and miraculously saves her husband, while all the other miners are trapped within the mine.  This mankes state officials and other individuals in the community suspicious and resentful of her, and send the couple’s peaceful life into turmoil. Del continues to have visions and realizes that there me a darker force than anybody imagined behind the mine disaster, a force that may put the entire community in danger.

The movie is set to start shooting this summer.

You can check out Amanda Seyfried in theatres when Ted 2 is released on June 26, 2015. You can check out Theo James in The Divergent Series on iTunes in limited regions and on Vudu in USA. If you can’t access these movies from your region, check out Unblock-Us (link below) and watch the Divergent movies from anywhere on earth.

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