Game of Thrones fans rejoiced on Sunday night as the show returned for its fifth season on HBO. Finally, we were all back in George R. R. Martin’s fantasy lands, full of madness, betrayal, feuds, and passion.

The Game of Thrones season premiere was broadcast worldwide simultaneously, with fans tuning in from different time zones to enjoy the series. One setback on Sunday was an internal leak of the first four episodes of the show’s fifth season – which is now under investigation by HBO.

The interconnected and complex relationships between the various families with claims to the Iron Throne have been the topic of countless debates and fan theories. Game of Thrones has been the hottest and most-watched series on television for years now. The show’s popularity was likely the push for HBO’s development of their independent streaming service HBO Now, which allows users to watch all HBO content anywhere, anytime, on various devices. You can even watch new episodes live right as they air!

Unfortunately, HBO Now is not yet available everywhere in the world. Fortunately, we have a solution for you. If you missed out on Sunday night’s season premiere of Game of Thrones you can still watch it from anywhere on earth on HBO Now. Simply use the proxy provider below and watch Game of Thrones online from anywhere in the world.

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