July 4, 2014

New Season 2 of high appreciated sci-fi drama Defiance has started at June 19, 2014, and now already available for online streaming.

The show is getting very good reviews according to Metacritic:

The Huffington Post
Maureen Ryan

Syfy’s Defiance doesn’t just cement its place as a well-made and enjoyable show, it continues to serve as a welcome corrective to some recent trends in TV sci-fi.

“Defiance” is definitely sci-fi; it owns that designation and does a fine job of expanding its world-building in its second season. All you really need to know, if you’re new to the show, is that a while back, various alien races arrived on Earth and there was a lot of conflict and terraforming as a result.

This show is currently available on US channels only, and could be watched on Hulu (free, ad supported) or Vudu for a small fee.

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