Production for the Zoolander sequel has officially started. The announcement was made at the 2015 Paris Fashion Week. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson strutted down the runway during the 2015-2016 Valentino collection showcase as their Zoolander characters Derek and Hansel.

The film will be shooting in Rome over a 12 week period. The Zoolander 2 script was penned by Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux, and is set for release on February 12, 2016.

The original 2001 Zoolander film was a massive hit world-wide. The plot follows a brainless male fashion model by the name of Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller), whose fame is quickly diminishing after the hot and fresh Hansel (Owen Wilson) enters the fashion sphere. Derek is approached by fashion mogul Mugatu and while he thinks he being given his big break, he’s actually being recruited to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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