Tammy is having a whole lot of bad luck. First, she gets fired from her job at a fast food restaurant called Tropper Jack, and then she comes home only to find out her husband is having an affair with their neighbour. Make up her mind that she needs to get away for some time, Tammy decides to go on a road trip to Niagara Falls; unfortunately, she also managed to wreck her car and has no way of fixing it. To her surprise, her grandmother Pearl wants to tag along on the road trip and has the vehicle and money to do so as well as cover Tammy’s expenses.  As the two of them set out on the road Tammy realizes her grandmother is extremely profane and a binge-drinking, raging, alcoholic.

Tammy soon finds herself on an adventure she could’ve never imagined – robberies, jail time, and even romance are all on the table.

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