Brett Ratner, the director behind Rush Hour is teaming up with Cougar Town creators Blake McCormick and Bill Lawrence to create a TV series based on the popular Rush Hour franchise.

The show will focus on the same two characters as the movies – Detective Carter and Inspector Lee who join together and fight crime. The original characters were played by Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, respectively. The show will be casting new actors in their place and bringing in a new plotline after the pilot episode. The first episode will retell the story of the original Rush Hour film.

Lawrence revealed these details in an interview with NuketheFridge, saying “New plot, same characters, a little younger, a little different, fish out of water. It’s a cool script. I’m psyched about it”.

When asked whether he is looking to hire an actor with martial arts experience (like Jackie Chan) for the character of Lee he said, “The character will be a martial artist, but you know how TV works. I’m going to go with the best actor and then I’ll make anything work,” so a background in martial arts will not necessarily be a requirement for the role.

Want to catch up with the Rush Hour movies? You can find the first Rush Hour on iTunes in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, on Netflix in limited regions, and on Vudu in the USA. Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3 can be found on iTunes in limited regions and on Vudu in the USA. If you can’t find these movies in your region simply click here and watch the Rush Hour films from anywhere in the world.

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