If you thought the “end of the world” craze was going to die out any time soon – you were wrong. Shows and movies that tell us all about impending apocalypses, alien invasions, deadly wars, and zombies seem to be coming out almost monthly and now we have another show to add to that list. HBO is coming out with The Brink, a show that makes the end of the world a comedy.

Starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins, The Brink looks at the United States on the brink of a nuclear war. When all is seemingly doomed, two unlikely heroes must save the day and stop global annihilation.

Created by Roberto Benabib and Kim Benabib, the dark comedy series premiere on HBO on June 21st.

You will be able to watch the show on HBO’s own streaming service and likely on iTunes in limited regions, and Vudu in the USA shortly after its release. If you can’t access the series from your region, simply use the proxy provider below and watch The Brink online from anywhere in the world.

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