As you sit anxiously waiting for February 8th to watch the remaining episodes of season 5 of The Walking Dead you can check out this brand new trailer for the series from AMC. The 1 minute clip is called “Surviving Together”, you can watch it below! If you missed the last promo for your favorite zombie apocalypse show, you can watch it here.

Haven’t caught up with the earlier seasons of The Walking Dead yet? Better get on it fast! As we mentioned before, the show has already been renewed for a sixth season – so don’t expect the zombie hype to die out any time soon. Watch Rick and his group tackle unimaginable dangers and face life-altering decisions on a daily basis. You can watch the latest episodes of The Walking Dead on iTunes in Canada, USA, and Australia or on Vudu in the USA. You can watch up to season 4 of the Walking dead on Netflix in limited regions and on iTunes in Germany, USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

If you can’t find the show in your region, you can simply click here and learn how to watch The Walking Dead from anywhere in the world, no restrictions.

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Check out the “Surviving Together” The Walking Dead promo here:

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