Andrew Lincoln, the crew, and cast of The Walking Dead TV Show – welcome you back to the set of Season 5! Episode №16, finale aired 29 March, 2015.

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The zombie show has been renewed for a 6th season. The Walking Dead wad resumed for the second half of its 5th season on February 8, 2015 (season 5 episode 9), read more here.

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Episode 16, Finale, 29 March, 2015
As the people of Alexandria decide what to do Rick, the truth about the W’s is revealed. Meanwhile, Morgan gets closer to the safe-zone.

Episode 15, 22 March, 2015
When life within the walls begins to mimic life outside, the group realizes that sheltered life may not be possible.

Episode 14, 15 March, 2015
While trying to secure a new home, Rick and his group face challenges, and question the utopia they find themselves in.

Episode 13, 08 March, 2015
As Rick and the others continue to acclimate to their new surroundings, they consider a return to normalcy.

Episode 12, 01 March, 2015
After Rick and his group arrive at Alexandria, they must adapt to a strange new lifestyle while Rick remains mistrustful.

Episode 11, 21 February, 2015
“The Distance”
After withstanding a spectacular storm, Rick and the others meet what appears to be a friendly person, but find themselves mistrustful.

Episode 10, 14 February, 2015
Grieving from Beth’s and Tyreese’s death in different ways, the group faces the harsh road to Washington D.C. Meanwhile, a storm approaches.

Episode 9, 08 February, 2015
“What Happened and What’s Going On”
After all the recent trials that the group has faced, a slight detour might be the solution they’ve been looking for.

Episode 8, 30 November, 2014
Rick and the group go face-to-face against Dawn and her officers in an attempt to save both Beth and Carol without any more bloodshed.

Episode 7, premiere 23 November, 2014
While Carl, Michonne and Gabriel hold down the church, Rick takes a rescue mission to Atlanta, and Abraham’s group deal with the fallout from Eugene’s revelation.

Episode 6, premiere 16 November, 2014
Daryl and Carol chase the white-crossed car to a desolated Atlanta with hopes of finding Beth and her kidnappers.

Episode 5, premiere 9 November, 2014 (SPOILERS)
“Self Help”
Abraham and the group run into problems on their way to Washington, D.C.

Episode 4, premiere 2 November, 2014
Beth finds herself in a hospital in the middle of Atlanta after being kidnapped by a car with a white cross.

Episode 3, premiere 26 October, 2014
“Four Walls and a Roof”
As Bob fights for his life, Rick and the group take a stand to defend the church against Gareth and his gang of cannibals.

Episode 2, premiere 19 October, 2014
With supplies running low, and not knowing whether they can trust the people around them, Rick leads a mission where the risk might not be worth the reward.

Episode 1, premiere 12 October, 2014
“No Sanctuary”
In the first episode you learn the true motives of the Terminans as Rick and the group find themselves in a vulnerable situation. Are they be able to work together?

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