One of the highest praised new shows on TV this fall is inarguably The Flash. Apparently, it is the CW’s most-watched show EVER.

This show follows the story of Barry, a child of 11, raised by his best friend’s father, Iris, after the death of his mother and wrongful imprisonment of his father. The grown Barry is a mastermind CSI investigator obsessed with the truth behind his mother’s death. Barry comes across a new invention which may help him solve the mystery, however an explosion happens and he is struck by a lightning bolt. The lightning bolt leaves him with a super power – extreme speed, other’s hit by the explosion also gain numerous powers. Barry uses this newfound power to right wrongs and protect society – often from those who gained powers and chose to use them for evil.

Will The Flash save the innocent and avenge his mother’s death? We must watch to find out. Right now is the perfect time to start watching The Flash, only 4 episodes in, it’s getting more and more intense by the week – making it the must-see show of the season. IMDb rating: 8.4

You can watch The Flash on Hulu – available only in the USA, and iTunes available in Canada, USA, and Germany. Not available in your region? We’ve got you covered. Use one of the proxy services below to watch this show from anywhere in the world:

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