Sunday night’s mid-season finale episode of The Walking Dead set a mid-season finale record with the highest ratings ever. The episode had an impressive 14.8 million viewers, out of which 9.6 million were adults ages 18-49. On top of that, this was the highest rated midseason finale in the show’s 5 seasons (not the highest of all episodes of The Walking Dead that prize goes to the season 5 premiere, which has 17 million viewers).

Just when we thought the show couldn’t get any more popular, it surprises us once again. It seems as if The Walking Dead’s momentum is not slowing down anytime soon. The show will resume for another 8 episodes in February 2015, and has already been confirmed for a sixth season.

The Walking Dead truly is the hottest show on TV right now, so if you haven’t been watching, you’ve seriously been missing out – this show is not going anywhere anytime soon. You can catch up with The Walking Dead on Netflix, iTunes, and Vudu in limited regions. If you can’t access this show from your region use any of the proxy providers below and watch The Walking Dead from anywhere in the world – no restrictions.

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