Mortdecai hit theatres this past January receiving a heap of mixed reviews. However if you’re a big Johnny Depp fan you’re bound to love it – and now is the perfect chance for you to watch it online!

The film stars Johnny Depp as an eccentric (of course – it’s Depp) British art dealer by the name of Charlie Mortdecai. Although he is quite successful at what he does, he often gets in a lot of trouble by doing it leaving him with a hefty debt. After his wife (Gwyneth Paltrow) hears of a stolen painting that contains a secret code to lost Nazi gold worth millions, Charlie makes it his mission to find it. On his journey he must juggle the British Mi5, an angry Russian troupe, a terrorist, and his often angry wife relying solely on his charm and quick wit.

You can now find Mortdecai on Vudu in the USA and on iTunes in limited regions. If you can’t watch this comedy in your region, simply use the proxy provider below and watch Mortdecai online from anywhere in the world.

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