We told you that the producers behind the highly successful Glee and American Horror Story have a new anthology show in store for us called Scream Queens, and now you get to watch the trailer!

The horror-comedy series’ first season takes place on a college campus with a series of recent murders. Emma Roberts, who played in American Horror Story: Coven and AHS: Freak Show, as well as Scream 4 will be a lead in this new series, Jamie Lee Curtis, best known for her role in Halloween will be joining her. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of the creepy and twisted, Scream Queens will be the perfect show for you.

You can expect to watch the brand new series on FOX in the fall of 2015.

Want to get an early taste of a creepy show starring Emma Roberts? Watch the American Horror Story: Freak Show brought to you by the producers of Scream Queens. You can find the fourth season on Vudu in the USA, and the previous seasons on Netflix and iTunes in limited regions. If this show is unavailable in your country, simply use the proxy provider below and watch American Horror Story online from anywhere in the world.

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Check out the teaser trailer for Scream Queens here:

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