Spotify is about to change your taxi ride experience once and for all. The digital music service company is teaming up with Uber to allow passengers a customized music experience during their ride. In case you didn’t know, Uber is a ridesharing service that connects riders with drivers by simply using an app, not requiring users to call a dispatcher or hail cabs, and allowing them to track their ride’s real-time location. Uber also calculates and transfers fare money electronically, preventing mishaps where one party may take advantage of the other.

Starting  November 21st, Spotify, will allow riders to customize the music that plays in their Uber ride; when the driver shows up at your doorstep – your favorite song will already be playing through their speakers. Gone are the days of listening to foreign language talk shows on your way home from the bar with your friends – hurray!

The program launches this Friday in San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Stockholm, London, Singapore, Sydney, Mexico City, and Nashville. More cities will be added to this list in the next few weeks, and even more in the new year.

All you need to use this service is to link your Uber profile and Spotify account, and you’re set (as long as the car has Spotify compatibility, which most will soon). Spotify representative, Daniel Ek said “The world is moving to having cars on demand, and Spotify is all about having music on demand. Having Spotify available in your Uber car, we think, takes Spotify to the next level”.

Don’t forget that Spotify is not accessible everywhere in the world, and you can click here to learn how to access the service worldwide, with no restrictions.

You can also watch the promo skit for the Uber/Spotify team up here: