M GoM-GO is a streaming service backed by Technicolor and DreamWorks. It allows you purchase or rent countless movies and TV shows and stream them on your mobile device, computer, tablet, Smart TV, or Roku. M-Go is a rival to services such as Vudu, and Amazon. One thing that makes this service especially great is its UltraViolet support and user-friendly features.

M-GO appeared on the market in early 2013, providing content from various popular movie studios such as Paramount, Warner Bros., and Sony Pictures. This service has many of the latest movies and shows as well as many classics – often for a smaller price tag than Vudu or Amazon. M-GO is a really great option for those who watch the occasional movies and shows and don’t want to pay for a service with a monthly subscription fee.

Unfortunately, at this time M-GO is an exclusive service for the UK (United Kingdom) region. The good news is that you can bypass this restriction by using a variety of proxy services. For our favorite ones you can check out the link below! Simply click and enjoy a huge selection of unique movies and shows right at the tips of your fingers!

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