Marta Kauffman’s series Grace and Frankie has just been renewed for a second season! The creator, in part, credited Miley Cyrus for the good news.

The edgy pop star Tweeted “I found my show! #GraceandFrankie, on a bender! Jane & Lily are so bad a$$!” on May 25th. Kauffman had the following to say about the renewal:

“Let me say, it’s so awesome to do a show on Netflix, because two and a half weeks after we launched, Miley Cyrus does a Tweet about your show, and they call and say, ‘We’d like to do a season two.’ So yes, there is a season two. We have Ted and Miley to thank.”

Grace and Frankie tells the story of two women in their seventies, who have always been bitter rivals. Until one day they find out their husbands have fallen in love with one another and decided to run off. This turns the long-time rivals into unlikely friends who must learn to cope as newly single 70-something year-olds.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Grace and Frankie make sure to check it out on Netflix. The show is available in limited regions, so if you can’t find it in your area simply use the proxy provider below and watch Grace and Frankie online from anywhere in the world!

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