As a follow up to our previous article on crime shows – we decided to write one for all you comedy lovers. Want to pee your pants laughing until your stomach hurts? These shows will do it for you.

This guide will show you where to find latest seasons of ALL your favorite comedy shows, and how to watch them all online – no regional restrictions – from wherever in the world you may be. Click here to learn how to unblock yourself and access all these shows from ANY region.

Family Guy Season 13

Don’t miss the action as the dysfunctional Griffin family shakes up their small Rhode Island town in the 13th season of Family Guy. Catch up with the mishaps and crazy misadventures of Peter and Louis their two teenagers Meg and Chris, their murderous toddler Stewie, and their brilliant dog Brian.

Watch Season 13 of Family Guy on iTunes and Vudu – only available in Canada, USA, Germany, Australia, and UK regions.

Modern Family Season 6

Three quirky, somehow-related, unconventional families live hilarious, and endearing lives in the United States. Get ready to laugh, cheer, and fall in love with Jay, Gloria, Alex, Haley, Claire, Phil, and of course, Mitchell and Cameron in this addicting series.

Watch Season 6 of Modern Family on: iTunes, Hulu, and Vidu – most episodes only available in USA.

The SimpsonsSeason 26

Who doesn’t know and love this famous Springfield family? 26 seasons strong – The Simpsons have been a staple in most households for years. Join Homer and his family on their wacky misadventures and challenges which just never seem to end!

Watch Season 26 of The Simpsons on: Hulu, Itunes, and Vudu – available in Canada, Germany, and USA.

Parenthood Season 6

Zeeke and Camille bury their marital problems for the sake of their grown children – some are stable, some are unstable – some have got it all together, some are a mess. This series follows their family tree and the challenges and adventures which await each branch.

Watch Season 6 of Parenthood on Hulu, iTunes, and Vudu – available in Germany, Canada, and USA.

Click here to learn how to watch these and all your other favorite comedy shows with no geo-restrictions from anywhere in the world.

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