Do you love watching murder case, investigation, or medical drama shows? We got you covered.

Today we’ve decided to make a handy little guide for you of where to find the very latest seasons of ALL your favorite crime shows, and how to watch them all online – no regional restrictions – from wherever you may be. Click here to learn how to unblock yourself and access all these shows from ANY region.

Bones Season 10

Cocky, ex-Army Ranger, FBI agent Seeley Booth teams up with socially awkward, but extremely smart, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan. The two must assist the bureau identify dead bodies to match missing persons reports by their bone structure.

Watch season 10 of Bones on iTunes, Vudu, and Hulu – most episodes only available in USA or Canada.

Chicago PD Season 2

The wonderful Sophia Bush stars in this crime drama about District 21 of the Chicago Police Department. The Department is made up of uniformed cops and the Intelligence Unit – one deals with street crimes while the other deals with organized crime.

Watch season 2 of Chicago PD as the drama unfolds on: Hulu, iTunes, and Vudu – only available in Canada, USA, and Germany.

Law and Order: SVU Season 16

This long-running series examines New York’s dark side – as detectives of the Special Victims Unit investigate crimes of a sexual nature. These crimes include rape, pedophilia, torture, sexual-abuse, child-abuse, and more.

Watch season 16 of Law and Order: SVU on: iTunes – only available in USA, Germany, and Canada.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2

This mystery-adventure series follow a man who is resurrected and brought back to the time of the founding fathers to solve a mystery. Don’t miss out on this time-travel fantasy.

Watch season 2 of Sleepy Hollow on Hulu, iTunes, and Vudu – only available in Germany, Canada, and USA.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11

We have been following the drama unfolding in the lives of surgeons and their interns since 2005. Just as drama-filled and exciting as the previous seasons, season 5 opens up some new secrets about Ellis Grey’s past. Maggie tries her best to fit in at the hospital. Meanwhile, Callie and Arizona examine their lives together.

Watch season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy on: iTunes and Vudu – only available in Canada, Germany, and USA.

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