Salem returns with season 2 in April and WGN just released a teaser trailer for the season to give us a taste of what we should expect.

Salem is set in 17thb century Massachusetts, exploring what was really going on behind the infamous witch trials of the town. The show uncovers the dark history and supernatural undercurrents of this time in American History. Challenging the notions of power and reality, Salem offers viewers a twisted fantastical look at witches, centering on John and Mary who are not just navigating through, but also contributing to their surrounding chaos. IMDb rating 7.1

Season 2 looks as if it is going to be darker and more twisted than ever – you can watch the teaser below.

Want to catch up with the first season of Salem? You can find it on Netflix, iTunes, and Vudu in USA and on iTunes in Canada. If you can’t watch this show in your region, you can use one of the following service providers to do so:

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Check out the season 2 teaser for Salem here:

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