We told you that Bates Motel is coming back to A&E on Monday, March 9. Now we have a brand new trailer to show you.

The third season promises to have the same thrills, mysteries, and covered up murders as the first two. Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) can no longer lie to himself about what happens during his blackouts. Norma (Vera Farminga) must fight harder than ever to protect him.

Bates Motel is a prequel series to Hitchcock’s Psycho following his teenage years and unhealthy relationship with his mother. The series was created by Anthony Cipriano (IMDb rating 8.2).

If you missed out on the first two seasons of Bates Motel don’t worry. You can watch the series on iTunes in Canada, UK, USA, and Germany, on Netflix in limited regions, and on Vudu in the USA.If you can’t find this show in your region, use proxy provider below and watch Bates Motel from anywhere on earth.

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Watch the brand new trailer for Bates Motel here:

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