In an interview with Brad Fuller, producer behind the Friday the 13th sequel revealed some interesting details to fans about the upcoming production. First and foremost, Fuller revealed that the sequel will not be adopting a “found footage” filming style. He explained the decision as follows:

“That was a road that we went down and tried to figure out. Ultimately, I think Michael, Drew and I felt that we couldn’t figure that out, so we kind of jettisoned that whole notion and we had to start over. We’re in the latter phases of that starting over and hopefully we’re getting a script in the next month or two, and we’ll go back to Crystal Lake.”

The screenplay for the film will be penned by Nick Antosca, Hannibal co-producer.

The Friday the 13th films are some of the most popular and famous in the horror movie genre. There are currently ten films under the Friday the 13th umbrella. You can easily recognize them by the iconic Jason and his famous hockey mask that comprises dozens of Halloween costumes every year. The most recent Friday the 13th film was released in 2009 starring Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti.

The newest sequel is set for release on Friday, May 13, 2016.

If you’re in the mood for a scare you can watch the 2009 Friday the 13th on Amazon, iTunes and Netflix in limited regions.

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