Is immortality a gift or a curse? Henry Morgan thinks it’s a curse. You see, Henry has a secret – he is 200 years old and he is immortal. He diligently works as a medical examiner in a morgue in New York City, desperately trying to solve the mystery of his immortality – why can’t he die? Whenever he dies, he simply comes back to life mere moments later (comes back naked! Why? We don’t know). Henry works alongside his partner Detective Jo Martinez, and studies dead bodies in hopes of discovering some sort of answers about his own self. One day, Henry receives a call from an unknown individual telling him that somebody knows his secret…

Watch as Henry Morgan solves mysteries and eradicates crime around New York using his deep medical knowledge; will he be able to solve his own mystery? Only time will tell. IMDb rating: 8.3

Forever is a new 2014 Fall TV show, currently in its first season. You can catch up today by watching Forever on Hulu or Vudu – available in the USA.

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