In case you didn’t know, Universal Pictures is working on a reboot of one of the best crime films of all time – Scarface. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script will be fine tuned and finalized by Jonathan Herman, the writer behind Straight Outta Compton. Also, the movie will take place in modern Los Angeles and focus on a Mexican cartel.

Many fans of Brian De Palma’s 1983 version of Scarface are upset about the remake, noting that Al Pacino’s performance is considered legendary in cinematic history. However, let’s not forget however that De Palma’s Scarface was a remake of Howard Hawks’ 1932 version – so who knows, we may have another masterpiece on our hands.

Martin Bregman and Marc Shmuger will be producing the upcoming Scarface. We will provide you more details on the development as they emerge.

In the meantime, why not sit back and enjoy De Palma’s Scarface. You can find it on Netflix and iTunes in limited regions, and on Vudu in the USA. If you can’t access this movie from your country simply use the proxy provider below and watch Scarface from anywhere in the world.

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Check out our favorite famous scene from Scarface (warning: bad language):

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