The Man in the High Castle is a brand new Amazon series based on a Philip K. Dick novel by the same name. The story takes place in 1962, most interestingly; it takes place in an alternative historical reality.

The Man in the High Castle is set in a reality where World War II was lost by the Allies to the Nazis. In this alternate scenario the Nazis develop the atomic bomb and take control of the United States with the help of Japan. This show takes a unique look at what life would be like in the United States if the people had to live under a dictator. Who complies with the regime? Who feels shame? Who resists? Which one of the characters would you fall into in this alternative reality?

Reviews of the show have been promising – so if you haven’t caught the first episode you should watch it today on Amazon Instant. If you can’t access Amazon shows from your region use one of the following proxy providers to watch The Man in the High Castle from anywhere in the world:

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