Do you ever think that you might be spending too much time on social media? Maybe your kids are? Have you ever thought that social media might be ruining your real-life social skills? You’ll love ABC’s Selfie.

Selfie follows the story of a 20-something year old woman named Eliza. She is “Instafamous” she has over 250,000 followers on her social media networks that obsess over her Instagram selfies, tweets, and Facebook posts. One day an embarrassing video about Eliza comes out on the web, and she soon realizes that although she has hundreds of thousands of online “friends” she doesn’t have any real ones. She also comes to the realization that she doesn’t have the social skills necessary to make “real life” friends, so she hires a marketing professional names Henry (played by the hilarious John Cho) to help her build a real identity and force her to take a step back from social media. IMDb rating 7.0

Although this show might be far-fetched, it takes a good look at the importance that people place on social media, and reminds us that there is much, much more to life than the number of people who “like” the latest picture you took of your face.

Catch up with the first season of Selfie on Hulu in the USA. If you’re outside the USA, we’ve got you covered too. You can use any one of the following proxy providers to unblock Hulu, and watch Selfie from anywhere in the world:

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