2 Broke Girls is a comedy series about two young women, Max (played by Kat Dennings) and Caroline (played by Beth Behrs), who move to New York – both strapped for cash, but for different reasons – and end up waitresses at a greasy Brooklyn Diner. The two girls take some time to warm up to one another and get used to each other’s habits and mannerisms, but soon become friends. Now they’re on their way to owning a small (maybe even successful!) cupcake business… but will they have the funds and the patience to make it? We’ll have to watch to find out.

In the first episode of the 4th season there is a surprise guest star on set – Kim Kardashian West! If you missed this, and the second episode you can find them on Vudu – only in the USA, or on iTunes in Germany, USA, Canada, and Australia.

If you’re outside these regions we’ve got you covered! Simply use one of the providers below to access the show from ANYWHERE in the world, no restrictions!

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Watch the girls poke fun at Kim Kardashian West in Season 4 Episode 1 of 2 Broke Girls:

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