If you’ve been waiting for the second season of The Flash you’re not alone. We finally have a brand new promo be excited about – you can watch it below. The short video gives us our first look at a brand new villain – Atom Smasher.

The Flash follows Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), a forensic scientist who awakes nine months after huge particle accelerator explosion. Soon after recovering from his coma Barry realizes the explosion left a mark on him – a superhuman power of speed. He soon discovers he’s not alone, and other individuals have also gained powers after the explosion. Barry wants to use his powers for good, but some people with newfound superpowers want to do evil. Barry decides to become The Flash and fight crime in Central City.

Season 2 of The Flash will air on Tuesday October 6 on The CW.

If you missed out on the first season of The Flash now is your chance to watch it. You can find this show on iTunes in limited regions and on Vudu in North America. If this show is unavailable in your region simply use the proxy provider below and watch The Flash online from anywhere in the world.

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Check out the promo for The Flash below:

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