Want to be up-to-date with all the latest TV has to offer? Check out or little guide of brand new shows that started this fall. Some of these may die off after the first season; others may be your new favorite shows. Judge for yourself! Let us know what you think below.

Many of these shows are only available in limited regions. Click here to find out how to watch these shows from anywhere in the world – no restrictions!


Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q play a pair of detectives in LA investigating stalkers in this riveting thriller. Stalker promises to be a hit with crime show lovers everywhere. IMDb rating 7.6

Watch Season 1 of Stalker on iTunes and Vudu – available in the USA, Canada, and Germany regions


“Before Batman there was Gotham”. One of the most highly regarded and promising shows on this list is Gotham. The plot follows Commissioner Gordon’s life as he works to keep Gotham safe from evil, and chronicles the birth of one of our favorite superheroes – Batman. IMDb rating 8.2

Watch Season 1 of Gotham on iTunes, Vudu and Hulu – available in Canada, Germany, and USA.


One of the less popular new shows on this list is Black-ish. This show chronicles two parents trying to maintain their values identity while raising their four children in an upper-middle-class, predominantly white, suburban neighbourhood. Some say the show is hilarious, some say it perpetuates stereotypes – you decide. IMDb rating 6.3

Watch Season 1 of Black-ish on iTunes and Vudu – available in USA and Canada.

Look out for an article with more new shows – coming soon.

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