The CES 2015 is the biggest tech show of the year, showcasing new gadgets and innovations in technology. One of the coolest unveilings this year was Sling TV.

Streaming services have almost made cable irrelevant. Every year, more and more people opt to cancel their cable subscription and pick up streaming services like Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, or Amazon. It seems as though cable, and live television, are becoming more obsolete by the minute – Sling TV may just change that.

Sling TV is basically Netflix for live television operated by Dish Network. It streams television channels, live, to your computer, tablet, phone, or any other device enabled with the Sling TV app. Sling TV currently costs $20 a month for a basic package which includes ESPN, ESPN 2, HGTV, CNN, Maker, the Travel Channel, Food Network, TBS, TNT, ABC Family, The Disney Channel, and the Cartoon Network – not too shabby. On top of that, the service promises no commitment, you can cancel your subscription any time. You can also watch select on-demand shows with Sling TV, but the current selection is small.

Sling TV may just be the boost that live television needs to keep going. What do you think?

Currently, Sling TV is in its early stages and is not yet available to the general public. It is available by invitation only, BUT you can put your name on a list and receive an invitation for the service when it is available to you. Considering the novelty of the service, it is likely there will be a lot of changes made to it in the next few months. As of this moment, you will not be able to record shows through Sling TV, but you will be able to pause, rewind, and fast-forward. There are also no local stations available at this time. For more details you can read this fantastic review of the service on Gizmodo.

For now, Sling TV will only be available in the USA, and likely expanding elsewhere if it’s a success. It is unclear yet if people from other regions will be able to access this service using DNS and VPN services – but we will keep you updated as we learn more!

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