Yesterday we told you about the first promotional images released for the upcoming Jow Wright film Pan. Today we have something even better; the first trailer from Warner Bros. Pictures for Pan.

If you missed the first promo images – don`t worry, everything you need to see is right here. Hugh Jackman is barely recognizable as Blackbeard, and the mix of exciting music and fantastical sights has us more than excited to see the movie. This will be a reimagining and reinterpretation of the classic Peter Pan story. Joining Jackman in the film are Amanda Seyfried, Rooney Mara, Garrett Hedlund, Levi Miller, and more. Watch Pan to see Peter Pan is whisked away to Neverland and looks danger in the eye alongside his new friends and battles enemies in unexpected places.

The movie is set for a July 17, 2015 release.

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Check out the brand new Pan trailer here:

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