A Canadian-founded company has found a way to bust through Netflix’s border blocks, using new an electronic device called TurboBeacon.

There are no shipping costs to you when your order TurboBeacon device. Usually, it takes 5-15 Business days to receive it.

The Turbo VPN company introduced the newest technology that makes it “unstoppable,” enabling customers to once again freely access Netflix USA.

The set up is easy and takes only minutes to configure.
Simply plug in the Turbo Beacon box to your wireless router, and connect any streaming device you wish to unblock to a new WiFi network called “TurboBeacon”.
TurboBeacon does not replace your router, and acts like an enhancement to it.

With 30 DAY FREE trial, the TurboBeacon box is a one time charge of $24.95, and the monthly subscription of unlimited unblocking is $7.95.

Turbobeacon Netflix Unblocker

Netflix is one of the most popular Streaming Services today and is available in more than 40 countries around the globe. It has a great selection of movies and TV shows.

Original English audio and subtitles are available in all countries. If you are interested in watching Netflix in a language other than English, you can switch your Netflix region to the country of your choice and enjoy your favorite Movie/TV with audio and subtitles in that language.

Unfortunately, different content is offered in each country where Netflix is available. So, for example, if you live in Canada, you are not able to watch Netflix USA or Netflix UK.

How does it work?
Turbo Beacon is a bridge between your Internet connection and your streaming devices, intercepting all outgoing Internet traffic and funneling it to regions of the world with the best content selection.

You will need to plug the TurboBeacon box into your router, which will create a new Wi-Fi network called TurboBeacon. Connect any streaming device you wish to unblock to the new network, and you will have access to the great content that you’re currently missing out on.

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