June 24, 2014

Amazon  announced today that award winning British period drama  Downton Abbey season 4 is now exclusively available for Amazon Prime customers. It is not available on competing services like Netflix. You can still purchase physical copies through sites like iTunes and Amazon. But the show was removed from Netflix.

Amazon and Downton Abbey struck the exclusivity deal in February of last year which includes all seasons of Downton Abbey. Season 5 will also be exclusive on Amazon Prime Instant Video. Downton Abbey season 5 is expected to premiere this September on ITV in the UK, and in early 2015 on PBS in the US.

Amazon Prime offers 30 day trial period that means you can watch Downton Abbey practically for free. Unfortunately this streaming service is not available outside of the US.

But don’t worry…

Do you want to watch Downton Abbey online in your country? Learn how.

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