If you’ve ever wanted to see Rapunzel on the stage – you will soon have the chance to do so. The 2010 Disney film Tangled is being adapted into a musical stage show! You can expect to hear 3 new songs, which are being created especially for the production during the show.

Tangled is a retelling of the beloved Rapunzel fairytale. In the film the young Repunzel receives a magical flower with healing powers, including the power to keep one’s youth. The princess is kidnapped by Mother Gothel one night, who knows the magic of the flower lies within Rapunzel. Mother Gothel plans to use the magic of the flower to stay young forever, while acting as Rapunzel’s mother. A tale of adventure begins to unfold when Rapunzel escapes her tower-prison and meets a young criminal by the name of Flynn Ryder. The two go on a mission of a lifetime to watch the floating lights and look for answers.

Tangled was a huge hit worldwide, bringing in almost $600 million in profits internationally. If you haven’t seen this film yet, now is your chance. You can find Tangled on Netflix and iTunes in limited regions and on Vudu in the USA. Can’t find the movie in your region? No worries! Simply use the proxy provider below and watch Tangled online from anywhere on earth.

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