UnblockUs vs UnoTelly DNS ProxyUnblock Us and UnoTelly are two of the largest DNS Proxy providers. They both allow you to access geo-blocked streaming for Video, TV, Music, Radio, and Sport websites from any country.

These providers are very similar, they both:

  • Give access to hundreds of channels
  • Work virtually on any Internet-enabled device; such as routers, smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, TVs, and gaming consoles
  • Compatible with most popular mobile operating systems like Android, Windows Phone, and iOS
  • Easy to configure
  • Make it easy to switch between regions

Nonetheless, some differences between the two exist:

Unblock Us

  • Offers an iPhone and Android application which lets you switch regions with one click and automatically reactivates your IP address with Unblock-Us.com every time it changes
  • Has a current annual plan of only $49.90 or a monthly plan of $4.99 a month, similar to UnoTelly
  • Offers a Smart VPN service for free to any subscriber


  • Offers an application only for Android devices which lets you switch regions
  • Offers the ability to switch regions on the “top service”. For example, you can have Netflix setup for one region, and BBC for another at the same time.
  • Ability to switch regions per device. For example, you can have a laptop setup for one region, and Apple TV for another at the same time
  • Offer VPN service for US, UK, Canada, Netherlands as part of “Gold Plan”

As you can see these differences are not very big. Unblock-Us is very mature company, a veteran on DNS proxy market, and it is a very popular choice, Unotelly offers more flexibility.

Both these companies offers one week free trial period without any commitment and we strongly recommend you take advantage of it, and find out which service you like more.

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