What is one of the first scary movies that come into your head when you think about classics? My guess is Scream would be it for many people – especially when it comes to Halloween.

We are all so used to seeing that long white face every October 31st that Scream has become a staple of our favorite scary holiday. Who could forget the creepy voice asking the shaking victims: “what’s your favorite scary movie?”

If you want to get terrified all over again – or just re-watch them all for old times’ sake we’ve got you covered on where to find and watch them all.

Unfortunately, most of the sites where you can find the Scream films are regionally-restricted and may not be available in your country. Lucky for you, you can use one of these services to watch the movies from anywhere in the world, no restrictions:

Unblock Everything on Netflix, Spotify, Hulu and More:

The original Scream (1996) follows a group of teenagers from a small town that inexplicably begin getting murdered by a long white-faced masked killer. Who will survive? And who is the killer? Watch to find out. IMDb rating 7.2

You can watch Scream iTunes, Netflix, and Vudu.

Scream 2 (1997) has a new killer following in the first killers footsteps two years after the killings ceased, just as a movie, called “Stab”, detailing the original killings is about to be released. IMDb rating 6.1

You can watch Scream 2 on iTunes and Netflix.

The next installment in the series, Scream 3 (2000), a raging killer is once more on the prowl – but this time attacking on a movie set. IMDb rating 5.5

You can watch Scream 3 on iTunes, Netflix, and Vudu.

Taking place many years after the original attacks, Scream 4, follows Sidney’s return to her hometown where the attacks took place many, many years ago. The killer knows she’s back.

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