Have you been keeping up with The Millers? It’s one of CBS’s funniest shows and now is the perfect time to catch up if you haven’t been in the loop, since there’s a mid-season break in effect until December.

The Millers follows the story of a recently divorced reporter, Nathan, who has accepted his fate and is extremely excited to live his single life. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the chance to live it up as a single man after his father becomes inspired by Nathan’s divorce and decides to leave his wife. As if this is not enough to ruin Nathan’s hopes of singlehood – his nosy mother decides to move in with him.

Want to watch poor Nathan try and find some peace and a steady job, while putting up with endless complaints and interferences from his mother? Watch The Millers on Vudu in the USA and on iTunes in the USA and Canada. IMDb rating: 6.0. Next episode airs December 4, 2014.

Outside both of these regions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Simply use one of the following services to watch The Millers from ANYWHERE on earth:

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