Manhattan Love Story gives us an unfiltered view of dating in the Big Apple. A young woman, Dana, from the Midwest moves to Manhattan and meets a young New Yorker named Peter. They go out on a fairly typical date to try and get to know each other – the unusual part is that the viewer can hear their thoughts via voiceover. This gives us an inside view at the world of dating as things are left unsaid and a multitude of thoughts run through both their heads. Dana and Peter date each other, date other people, and lead a typical, young city-dweller, whirlwind romance lifestyles.

If you’ve ever been puzzled by what your date might have been thinking during a date, you can get an idea by watching this show. This is an inside peek at two people trying to navigate the complicated world of dating; not sparing any of the awkward, uncomfortable, or embarrassing details by watching Manhattan Love Story. IMDb rating 7.1

Season 1, Episode 7 of Manhattan Love Story airs next week. You can start watching the show from the beginning on Hulu, iTunes, and Vudu in the USA.

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