If you love teen dramas, you’ll love MTV’s latest Happyland. A drama fueled by comedy, romance, family drama, and a quest to self-discovery by one teenage girl.

Taking place at a fictionalized theme park called “Happyland”, the show follows Lucy, a teenager growing up in this theme park land because her mom works there as a princess. Happyland shows us that the manufactured “happiest places on earth” are not always what they seem to be behind the scenes. Lucy fantasizes about leaving the park and its false facade of magical happiness in order to find true happiness, and herself, in the “real” world. However things start looking up for Lucy as a new owner buys the park and moves into her town with a handsome son named Ian. Lucy immediately falls for Ian, and he seems to feel the same, but they have many challenges coming their way…

Catch up with Lucy as she navigates through all the complications of growing up in a manufactured fantasy-land. You can watch Happyland on Hulu and Vudu in the USA, and on iTunes in USA and Canada. If you’re outside these regions, simply use one of the following providers to watch this show from anywhere:

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