Deadline made an exciting announcement a few days ago; Melissa McCarthy is set to star as Tinker Bell in an upcoming live-action film directed by Shawn Levy. Levy is the man behind movies such as Real Steel and Night at the Museum; we’re more than excited to see his take on the beautiful tiny Tinker Bell and her friends. The comedy is still in its preproduction phase, with no title or plot specifics being revealed quite yet. We do know the screenwriter is Nicholas Stoller responsible for writing Sex Tape and Muppets Most Wanted, so we know the script is going to be silly and fun.

Tinker Bell is known as the fairy from Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie’s 1904 play, and many later movies and shows); it is unclear if the film will be focusing on Peter Pan or just Tinker Bell.

We will be updating you with more details as they are released.

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