Horror fans rejoice! The rumored Friday the 13th show really is happening.

The show will have direct links to the Friday the 13th films, Jason Voorhees, and Crystal Lake. However – it will have a more complex storyline. One of the show’s developers, Steven Long Mitchell, said the following:

“I don’t think we really wanted to do a show about a guy with a machete chasing girls in tube tops. We couldn’t do that on a weekly basis… So what ends up happening is, a cop comes into town, looking for his brother. He realizes his brother was there searching into the past murders, and realizes that his personal story is tied into Jason’s personal story”.

He continued,

 “What we’re going to do is basically acknowledge that the people came to this town after these killings happened, and they made all these movies. And now the town has a stigma. Our show is, ‘Here’s the true story. Here’s the real story of Jason.’ It’s been taken and exploited. So we have the young crowd who doesn’t know who he is except for what they’ve seen in the movies. The older crowd is afraid of him. We have a lot of people who have scars from him. The underlying thematic of the whole thing is that Jason is a monster in this town. He openly wears a mask. But everybody in this town wears a mask. Underneath those is the monster.”

I don’t know about you – but to us this show sounds pretty awesome. We’ll give you more details about the release as they become available.

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