Remember Vincenzo Natali’s twisted 1997 sci-fi movie Cube? If you do – you might be happy to know Lionsgate is working on a remake, tentatively titles Cubed.

Cube follows six strangers that one day awake in a giant cube with countless rooms, each potentially deadly. Although each individual has a completely different upbringing and life-background, they soon find that each also has a very specific skill. There is a math whiz, cop, doctor, architect, escape master, and a disabled man. Each must contribute to their shared mission of finding out why they are entrapped and how they can get out of the cube alive. The film is a fan and cult favorite, and has won numerous awards.

A new director by the name of Saman Kesh will be responsible for Cubed based on a screenplay by Phillip Gawthorne.

If you haven’t seen the 1997 Cube get ready for a mind-bending thriller you’ll never forget. You can watch the film on iTunes and Netflix in limited regions and on Vudu in the USA. If this movie is unavailable in your region, simply use the proxy provider below and watch Cube online from anywhere in the world.

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