The trailer for the highly anticipated musical sequel to the 2013 Pitch Perfect movie has been released – and it looks great!

The sweet Beca, hilarious Fat Amy, and their fellow Bellas are back in Pitch Perfect 2 to kick some butt singing! Beca is no longer a freshman at Barden University – she’s now in her senior year; this means it’s her, and The Bellas’, final chance to leave their mark. The girls must come together one more time despite all odds and prove what they’re made of. The girls are headed off to The World Championships of a Capella – a competition where “the best around the globe compete for domination. No American team has managed to win this competition before – can The Bellas do it? We have to wait and see to find out.

Pitch Perfect 2 will be hitting theatres on May 15 2015. While you wait, why not watch the first Pitch Perfect 2 to get excited? You can watch Pitch Perfect 2 on-line today in limited regions. If you can’t watch Pitch Perfect 2 from your region, simply use one of the following proxy providers to watch it instantly from anywhere in the world:

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Check out the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 here:

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