Who said judges have to be boring? Respected Los Angeles criminal-court judge, Rebecca Wright, sure isn’t!

Bad Judge follows Rebecca Wright – a powerful and respected criminal-court judge – who knows how to cut loose. She loves going out and serial dating, she’s unapologetically wild and free spirited, and she plays drums in a friend’s rock band. You can watch as one of the toughest judges you’ve ever seen breaks loose on her spare time – reminding us that just because someone has a good job doesn’t mean their personal life is not a hot mess. Bad Judge was not renewed for another season, but you can still watch the first season today! IMDb rating 5.6

Get ready to shake your head and laugh as Judge Wright parties like a college student and avoids relationship commitments like the plague. You can watch Bad Judge on Hulu and Vudu in USA. If you’re outside the Unites States you can use one of the following providers to watch this show from anywhere in the world – no restrictions:

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